Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cable Company Rant ...continued

So, Friday I am finally ready to find out why I cannot access my account to pay my bill that is due on Tuesday. The password I was given is still not working and I think hey, I can just click the lost password button! Well that button takes me to a security question, which of course the customer service rep did not bother to set up for me.
I see they have online chat thingy, and I think this may be better than calling again. have to download the thingy and I hate to download thingys, but go ahead.
After I install the chat thingy and fill out a form with a zillion questions I am connected to the chat server....Yippee!

We're sorry there is no one in the queue to chat with.

Well, I try again a couple of hours later and am connected to a dude named Ryan who is clearly copy and pasting his responses.

No one types that fast and if he pastes he is sorry for the inconvenience one more time.....

Ryan suggests he change my password for me to "password". It will take 3 business days and he is sorry for the inconvenience.
Now I am not thrilled with this idea, but thanked him for his time and the page changes to a customer service survey screen.

Did this chat session solve your problem?

Well, how the hell do I know? I have to wait 3 business days, right?

So this morning I am curious to see and go into my account and try my new (secure?)password to pay my bill and guess what?
I can get in!
So I filled out the Zillion questions they ask to set up your payment info and changed my password to something less stupid.

You have no balance due at this time.

Oh brother.

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