Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm so Blonde: and I hear voices too

So it is around 2am and I hear a female voice calling out to me in my peaceful sleep.

The battery is low, the battery is low

John is in the bathroom and annoyed I yell at him
"shut that thing off already or put a battery in it"
What thing he replies... He didn't hear anything talking.

The battery is low, the battery is low.

"That thing!"I say, can't you hear that thing talking?

The battery is low, the battery is low.

Well finally he does hear it and I am glad I am not crazy but heck if we could figure out what in our house talks that has low batteries.

After ruling out the cameras, phones, alarm clocks and even the sleep apnea machine, the talking thing gives up her warnings and we went back to sleep.

The next day John looks up at the smoke alarm..maybe?
I pushed the test button and guess what??
The battery is low!
How was I supposed to know the damn thing can talk?

Now where did I put those batteries??

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