Monday, July 30, 2007

My Birthday and The Game

Thanks everyone for your birthday greetings. I spent most of the weekend pouting about pushing *gasp* 50.
Gosh it hurts just typing it.

The Astros game was fun, even if we lost.
The people 2 rows in front were so drunk they could not function and that provided some entertainment until the jerks bought out the beer vendor of his 7 dollar Bud Lights before he could get to me..argh!

It was Christmas in July and they gave aways some Astros Santa Hats, one of which has already been shredded by one or more of our resident Kitten Clauses......hohoNo bad kitty.
I can't leave anything out.

They photoshopped the players into Santa on the Jumbo Tron as they came up to bat and that was pretty cute.
They did the Padre players like Rudolph with red noses and that was a little rude-- but funny.

There were supposed to be fireworks and I was looking forward to that but it was cancelled due to the rain.
At least games can not be rained out here.
We play baseball inside in Houston.

All in all it was a good day...for a birthday I mean.

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