Thursday, May 07, 2009

Two PURRdays and one anniFURSery

Happy PURRday to Rhett turning 5 this week.

We were concerned about bringing in a second cat,
but thought it may be nice for Rafe to have a
companion and he was thrilled

Happy PURRday to Rico turning 3 this week.

We were concerned about bringing in a third cat,
but he was so darn cute I could not resist him.
Rafe was thrilled to have a kitten to play with
Rhett....not so much.

Happy Gotcha Day LOST litter

2 years ago on Mothers Day, our porch kitty Angel
presented her adorable litter of four
doubling our cat total to eight

We were concerned about adding 4 more cats to the household
but got Angel and baby Jack safely
placed with my Mom and
daughter respectively

Of course...
Kate, Sawyer, and Charlie
are still here rounding out our 6-pack

The Friday Ark

The Carnival of Cats


Melli said...

What a long strange trip it's been...
LOL! Ya gotta love 'em... you cat lady!

Amber Star said...

Oh Lord PJ...I remember when each of those cats came to live with you. They found the right home for themselves. You might ought to check to see if there is a mark outside on the curb showing you are a sucker for little baby cats...and big ones, too.

srp said...

Don't worry.... we have six here too, although they don't care as much for each other as your crew does. Still, our Mr. Rhett is beloved by our new dog Daisy and he tolerates her. Sometimes it does seem that animals know who will take them their something on our foreheads, written in invisible ink?

meemsnyc said...

Happy purrday!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Just toooooooo sweet!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad that Rico's blog is still online, to remind us of the good old days. He was so tiny and cute!


HoneyBee said...

OMG!!! They are so cute!!