Sunday, July 31, 2011


I'm sorry to be absent from the blog world. It got to be a chore and I needed a break.

We've been really busy the last few months. We moved out of the waterfront house and into the foreclosure. We are hoping to sell the big house soon, it's been really hard with 2 bills for everything!

Work is busy for both of us, and we feel blessed to be working.

The cats and Sissy are all doing good. Sissy had her birthday on Friday.
She is a wonderful little dog and my constant little companion.

I miss everyone here, maybe I can get back to blogging when things calm down a little.
Heck, it's been so long that I doubt anyone will even see this post. :)


Melli said...

Wrong! I saw it! Now I gotta scroll down and find out when you became a PUPPY household! And how the boyz adjusted to THAT!

Thanks for stopping by my also unattended and lonely blog! Perhaps blogging was just a verrrrrry long PHASE of life? Or perhaps this brief respite that so many of us seem to be taking is just RENEWAL! Maybe we all needed to live more and write less! Then we can come back and write more! :)

PJ said...

all of the above for me, love you Melli

Omnibabe said...

I'll be in Houston in August. Hope I get a chance to meet you while I'm there!

Mike Barer said...

I'm here. I knew that you would post again when the time was right. Hope that you have been checking mine from time to time.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, P J!!! It was so nice to see that you came for a visit. I knew you weren't blogging anymore, but sure glad to see you back...perhaps posting a blog now and then. That cute ball of fur is so precious!!!! How are all the other feline furbabies? And you?

Yep, this summer is so darned's disheartening to say the least!!

Thanks for visiting. A big TeXaS howdy-do to you and your family!! [by the way, what about those Astros? LOLOLOL]

Cassy said...

Happy Birthday, Sissy!

From Cassy of Best Way To Learn Guitar

Amber Star said...

I saw this before and have NO idea why I didn't comment then. Started to call over thanksgiving while we were visiting the kid, but got too busy. Hope all is well with you both.