Friday, October 07, 2005

The Apprentice

Oh, what can I say about this weeks episode.
The task was to hold an electronics Expo for Senior Citizens.
The girls were an embarrasing disaster.
Imagine, resorting to sex appeal in a task like this one.
It was just almost too painful to watch. The only one on the team with a brain in her silly head is Alla. I am predicting she will be in the final group.
The boys did a great job and even Markus stepped up to be an important asset in winning the task. I still do not seeing Markus going very far, but he sure is trying hard for the team.
Another Losing PM, this time Rebecca on crutches, does not follow The Donald's advice (Toral) on who she should bring into the boardroom. She was very lucky to not get fired.
Jennifer W's smart ass attitude saved Rebecca's butt this time.

Bu-Bye Jennifer W

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