Friday, October 28, 2005

The Apprentice

Episode 6 begins with the teams being instructed to pre-select a project manager and meet in the board room.
Everyone is seated and waiting for The Donald to enter through his special door. Carolyn explains that "She" is in charge today....Cool.
Each Project Manager is allowed to send 3 losers to the other side, and now the teams are not boys and girls anymore.

The task is to host a sports day at a Dick's Sporting Goods location.
Sounds easy enough.

Capital Edge went with PM Alla (my projected winner) and chose to host a "Family Golf Day", even though none of them actually play golf.
They decide to set up a little PuttPutt type area for the kids to play in the hopes they can grab the grownups attention long enough to sell some products.
Clay quickly became a thorn in Alla's side.
She said she felt like she was having to be Clay's mother rather than his boss.
Maybe she should have given him a Time-Out...haha.

Excel was lead by Josh.
At James' suggestion they decided to go with baseball and constructed a batting cage for kids to hit some balls.
The boys were excited about the huge baseball diamond that was constructed in the store, but Marshawn and Rebecca were concerned that there was no room for product placement.

The day of the task:

At first glance, Excel's baseball day appears to be very successful.
There is a long line of kiddo's waiting to take batting practice.
No-one is buying anything!
Jennifer, the self appointed Beauty Queen of Sales is selling pretzels instead of radar guns.
This can't be good.

On the other side of town, Capital Edge is in full swing.
The customers seem to be enjoying the event.
The team is working together and those cash registers are ringing sales.

In the board room:

Carolyn gets Trump on speaker phone to give the team's results.
Capital Edge boosted sales by an amazing 74%.
Bill reports that Excel did not do so well.
If fact sales in their department actually dropped by 34%.

Mark and Josh quietly decide to throw James and Jennifer under the bus.
I guess they didn't see Jenn fighting for her life last week, good luck with that, guys.

In the board room part 2:

As Team Capital Edge is enjoying their reward of a deep sea fishing trip, Excell is dragging suitcases and preparing to meet the wrath of Donald Trump.
The Donald enters through the special door.
He reminds the team that they have just experienced the biggest defeat of all time.
Trump then calmly asks the team why they failed which sends Jennifer and Josh into a frenzy of a screaming match.
The team agrees that Marshawn and Rebecca did the best they could selling product in the limited area they were given and are sent back up to the suite with the *damn lucky to be exempt* Brian.
The rest of the team is ordered back to the boardroom where someone will be fired.

The boardroom part 3:

Josh, James, Jennifer and Mark are sitting across from Trump.
Even before Jenn can finish her having her melt down, Donald says.
Your all fired....Go home.....Go home.
The visibly stunned quartet drag their bags out to the street where they are put in a taxi.
Fans are left wondering if the season will now be 3 weeks shorter.

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