Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Go Astros!

They are getting Minute Maid Park all spruced up for the big series.
There seems to be some controversy whether the roof will be opened or closed.
MLB has an opinion as do the fans.
I think the players like it closed and that's good enough for me.
Not that my opinion counts for anything.

BTW: Some lucky fans were chosen by a last chance drawing to buy tickets to this weeks games.
unfortunately I was not chosen.

Update: Still no word on MLB decision on the roof at Minute Maid.
Sam Malone devoted his entire radio show this morning to the subject.
Pretty much every caller resented MLB telling us what to do in our City.
Astro fans want what they want.....you know?

Udate 2:
It's open....if you are lucky enough to be there....yell LOUD!

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