Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I had to go to the grocery store today for just a few little things.

I hate it when you are trying to remember what to buy because you didn't make a list thinking you can remember what to buy and....everyone is talking on their flipping cell phones.
Not that I am into eavesdropping, but it is very hard to concentrate with so many conversations going on.

I started out in produce, where a 20 something has her big butt and cart parked directly in front of the Roma tomatoes. She is going on about the need for a castration. I got the feeling she wasn't talkin' bout no French Poodle either. Excuse me, I just need some tomatoes.

On to dairy next and trying to reach the cheese around a middle aged lady dressed in a nice suit and taking a business call. Sounds like a deal is about to fall through.

In the beer aisle a college aged couple are loading up on Corona and he is calling in sick to work....*cough cough*. Must be Astro's fans.

I head down the center of the store where the soups are kept. A young lady is crouched down on the floor arguing with her Mom over whether she is blind or the store does not carry this all important thing she has been sent to find. I vote for blind.

Heading back I nearly crash into a lady who is talking to herself.
Oh no she's not, she has one of those earpiece thingys for her phone.
Truely someday she will kill someone driving like that.

Finally I am at the checkout behind a lady with a 3 rowdy kids.
I do not understand a word she is yelling to whomever she is yelling at.
At first I thought she was speaking a strange language, but then I realize she is yelling with a mouth full of-- not yet paid-- for potato chips.
Rude on too many levels.

I got home without most of what I needed.
Tomorrow I go in more prepared.
Earplugs and a list.

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