Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I went to the mall today.

I had a Bath and Body Works coupon burning a hole in my purse.
I love the products, but I hate how aggressive the sales people are in there.
I'm a big believer in providing good customer service, but those folks are really way over the top.
I've gotten to where I even hate to go in there.

I also took a look around some of my regular stores.
Soon I will have to give up my desperate housewife status and wanted to see what was new.

I am so not impressed with Express this fall.
I am even less impressed with The Limited.
Both stores have become over trendy as well as over priced.

On the other hand Casual Corner has updated their look and has become more stylish and less matronly. The good news is I loaded up on "going back to work soon" outfits at 40% off.
The bad news it the location I prefer is closing soon. I really hope it is just the one store and not the whole chain. That would really suck now that they are getting cute work clothes.

DSW Shoe Warehouse is across the street from the mall.
I have no comments about the fall line at the risk of incriminating myself.

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