Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Apprentice

Week five finds the Blonde Brigade regrouping.
Marshawn ( I like her) tells the blondes, the bickering must end.
The Boys Club are patting themselves on the back....again.

This week's task is to create a parade float for a movie that nobody can seem to pronounce the name of.
The girls are offered someone from the other team to help round out the numbers.
They quickly snag Randall.

The boys seem to have a real edge (pun intended), getting to play with power tools and all.
Project manager Brian quickly gets annoyed with Markus, as does Josh and the rest of the team.

Beauty Queen Blonde Jennifer is PM of the girls plus Randall team.
If the boys think Markus is a pain in the ass, they should have to deal with Kristi.
Allah (my projected winner) is upset when Jen zips off to go shopping 45 minutes before the presentation.

The presentation:
Brian talks too much, I think these guys did not want to be compared to "Jumanji" but at least Brian pronounces the name of the movie correctly.
Poor Jen, says the name wrong, not once...many times....the execs are laughing.
Bill and Carolyn are laughing too, Jen is cute but clueless.
Allah: "the presentation was a disaster"

Trump heads off to meet with the Sony Executives:
Excell yet again is the winner hands down.
Brian gets the exemption.
Capital Edge is sent to the boardroom while the boys are sent onto their reward, a chance to make a song in a recording studio.

In the boardroom:
Jen tries to throw Kristi under the bus.
Randall and Marshawn join in.
Kristi pulls out the trailor trash (I still say fake) accent and is invited back to the boardroom.

Back in the boardroom:
Jennifer must defend letting Kristi run over her.
It really looked like Jen was getting the boot, but
Trump: "Kristi you're fired"

Note to Apprentice Candidates:
If you find yourself saying Crap and Shut-up a lot, you might not be Trump material

Bu-Bye Kristi

Kristi: "Shut-up...I don't even want to hear it"

At the risk of this re-cap getting too long I would like to say how much I enjoy Carolyn speaking her mind more often in the boardroom this season. She is a real sharp cookie.

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