Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Apprentice

This weeks episode found the Blonde Brigade once again gunning for Toral.
Not that she doesn't deserve to be next on Trump's chopping block, but they were more concentrated on pushing her out than winning the task---to create a new character for DQ to advertise "The Blizzard".

The guys created a DQ Genie, and the good 'ole boys at Dairy Queen ate it up.
I won't comment on Mark in that costume.......no I won't go there.

The goofy thing the girls came up with was given the boot.
I was yelling.....hello? Shoudn't it say DQ somewhere?
Clearly that red spoon is not good brand recognition.

Kristi is annoying, I think the accent is fake and I think if the girls lose again, she is next to go.
I also think that if the girls do fail next week, The Donald will mix up the teams.

I am still predicting Randall and Alla for the final two.
Josh is a possibility, I think he is holding back for his shot.

To the boardroom, someone will be fired.

Really all Toral had to do was keep her mouth shut.
After all, she contributed nothing to the task, and was not the reason it failed.
OK.....she wouldn't wear the stupid costume.
The Blondes only wanted her to wear it, because they are so damn mean anyways.

Well, Toral did NOT keep her mouth shut and Trump said "You're Fired" without even considering who DID lose the task.

Note to Apprentice Candidates:
If your plan is to fly under the radar, you need to keep your mouth shut in the board room.

Bu-Bye Toral


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