Monday, October 31, 2005

Eek a Mouse!!!

I noticed Rhett was staring intently at the patio door and wondered what could be so darn interesting out there when I saw the mouse.

Eeek!! I hate those little monsters.
It only took a second for me to realize this little monster was on the INSIDE of the patio door.
It was a BIG mouse, maybe it is even a small rat ...Eeek!

Get it Rhett!!--- I said running away and up the stairs.
I called John and he laughed and said let the cat earn his keep.
No sympathy here.
Well, unsure what to do next, I just went for a walk and let the mighty hunter do his thing.

I returned about 45 minutes later, came in upstairs and started to creep slowly down the staircase worried about what I may find down below.
Rightway, Rhett came running up to me proudly clutching his prey in his mouth...yuck!
Here Meowmy....I got somefang fur ya!

I was relieved (though completely grossed out)
but then....
He dropped the mouse and it started to run off.
Oh, no no no no...This is so not acceptable....I though it was dead!

Well, clearly it wasn't running too well and Rhett caught it again and started batting it around.
Rafe in the meantime was just sitting and watching.
He could care less if he had a turn with the Rhett's prize toy.

I grabbed the camera and took a pic, because I didn't think John would believe
it was a such BIG MOUSE (or maybe even a small rat)....ewww.

Finally I decided to scoop it up with an old towel into a garbage bag.
Rhett saw me coming and, realizing what my plans were, took off with it.

"Good boy" ---I say calmly and lovingly--- "give Mommie the mousie now".
He dropped it for a moment and I scooped it up, but I was so grossed out I missed the bag. Rhett snatched it yet again and trotted off behind the computer desk where I cannot reach him.

Well, by now I have decided the poor little mousie had suffered enough.
I chased Rhett out from desk area and grabbed the mouse up one last and successful time.
Rhett was not happy with me, sorry buddy.

I felt bad throwing it out in a bag like that, but it did seem less cruel than letting the cat continue his torturous ways.

I sure hope this is a one time thing.
John is picking up some kitty safe traps on the way home today.

The photo is here, I didn't want to gross anyone out by posting it.

So, how was YOUR day....:)

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