Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Apprentice: The Early Birds Get the Win

This week The Apprentice candidates are sent out to Ellis Island.

The Mission: To create and sell a limited edition booklet benefiting the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation.

Gold Rush, led by watched by Lee hop out of bed early and leave the still snoozing Allie and Synergy in the dust generating a win for the first time in 4 weeks.
The team is rewarded with a day of playing golf with Trump and Pro Vijay Singh.
Charmaine complains that Lee got the win.
Clearly this girl is never happy unless she is unhappy.

Team Synergy, not willing to blame themselves, focus on Andrea.
The girls quickly form a plan that includes --
"blood will be f_ing everywhere".
Very nice, Allie.
Sean, the only man on the team, can not defend his friend and Trump sensing dislike among the group for the self proclaimed
>insert anything here< specialist
says: Andrea you're fired.

Now, Andrea is not my favorite but truly it was Allie that deserved to be fired this round for missing the boat----literally and figuratively.

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