Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Apprentice: Week 6

This week our players wrote a jingle for Arby's.

Bryce appoints himself PM for Gold Rush.
Charmaine stupidly makes an appointment with the Arby executives, only allowing 15 minutes to navigate NYC.
I'm sure we have seen that before.

It's Sean's turn to lead synergy and the team gets right to work.
They are getting along too well, and I predict Trump with scramble the teams soon.

Both teams present their work in front of a live audience and Synergy is the clear winner with Gold Rush missing the mark on the message Arby's hoped to convey.

As a reward, Team Synergy are treated to an expensive meal of truffles.....yuck.

Bryce, against Trump's advice brings Lee (missed the task for the holiday) and Lenny (admitted he could not contribute much) into the boardroom.
Our usually calm and serene Bryce starts yelling some garbage about his values, and pretty much begs Trump to fire him.
He did.

BTW: I hated that The Apprentice was on so late last night just so NBC could milk the newfound popularity of Deal or No Deal and I hope that is not it's regular time slot.
Thank goodness baseball is back.

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