Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Celebrity Cook Off

Ok, I don't know if I can watch this all week, but it took the place of The Apprentice last night so gave it a try. It's not the Iron Chef, but it was somewhat amusing.

Alan Thicke is the host, and there was an amusing segway from Deal or No Deal to start it all off.

The blondes were wearing skimpy little sundresses and high heels, no surprise one of them got burned, I was just surprised it was her hand not her boob. They both kept flipping the hair and even John said, get a ponytail holder already.

The football player was my favorite, and though he didn't win at least he did not take himself too seriously.

The judges, one of whom was dressed in clown gear, gobbled off the same plate--yuck-- and I kept waiting to see if one of them had found a blonde hair in the food.

There is a blog with one entry, and each night the show is giving away a new kitchen.

Tonight Patti LaBelle is competing and I may watch again because I'll bet that gal can cook.

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