Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Apprentice: The Pricing Game

Hour two of The Apprentice finds our hopefuls selling some really strange looking sandwiches for the 7-11 corporation.

Leslie is anxious for her turn at PM for Gold Rush and Andrea goes for a second run for Synergy.

Both teams get right to work with marketing strategies.
Michael was happy to move over to Gold Rush and hoped to help them to a win.

Leslie and Lee quickly come to loggerheads over the pricing of the "P'EatZZa" when he feels she has lead the team down the wrong path with pricing the sandwich too high. They do agree that mini-coolers will make a great item to feature with the sandwich and Lee is off to check out the location.

Andrea chooses ball caps as the giveaway on her own.....No discussion.
The team goes with a $4.00 price point, half of what Gold Rush is asking.

Both teams seemed to be enjoying themselves the day of the task.
Lee had a big idea of selling a thousand Pizza Sandwiches to one company, but the deal fell through when price became an issue.

In the boardroom everyone is surprised to hear that even though Synergy had the lower price point, they were the winners.

While Synergy enjoys a reward of a day in Washington DC, Gold Rush finds themselves once again in the boardroom.

Leslie, though not a bad project manager is fired if for no other reason than choosing a bad price point. Oh, and for not being able to out yell Lee in the boardroom. What a way to spend your birthday.

BTW: Does anyone else think it's weird that we haven't heard Tammy speak for a couple of weeks now?

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