Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tagged: 6 weird things

My friend Melli Tagged me to come up with 6 weird things about myself.

So here it goes

1. If something strikes me funny, I laugh. Often, it is not appropriate, ie a funeral.
I have no control over this and have gotten myself in big trouble for this habit since, well since about 1st grade to present. Oh

2. I am a major list maker and even if I don't do ANYTHING on that list on that day, I STILL have a sense of accomplishment just for making the damn thing.
weird, huh?

3. I hate cooking, but have been following the weekly recipes at and try to make something from that site at least twice a week. Now some of it has been pretty gross, but I try
and some of it has been pretty good too.

4 .Sometimes, I have trouble making even the simplest decisions and am apt to flip a coin to make one even if I am driving in the car.

5. I am really picky about what to wear for the day, I get dressed about 3 times...Not kidding.

6. I am totally paranoid about being late for ANYthing. I tend to be at least a half an hour early for appointments, if I arrive less than 30 minutes prior, I "feel" late .

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