Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday cat blogging

Rafe says.....

Animal Disaster Relief groups such as EARS , BestFriends,
and Noah's Ark are working hard to help animals left homeless in the wake
of Hurricane Katrina.
The Houston SPCA is helping out by taking in animals from shelters in Louisiana.
If you are looking for a places to help out, why not send a few bucks to one or all of these wonderful organizations

We live on the Gulf Coast, but natural disasters can happen anywhere, why not get an evacuation plan together for your family today?
We did!

Evacuation tips for Cat Owners

Take your kitty on occasional car trips that do NOT involve the V*T so he/she won't be
terrified at being loaded up for the evacuation

If you must bring the d*g, please teach it proper car manners so not to distract the driver or further frighten the kitty passengers.
We do not have one of these, but sure those that do will know what to bring for the D*ggy.

Believe it or not, kitty will be happier if put in a just feels safer.
Don't be surprised if kitty enjoys singing with the radio though!


A potty pad in the carrier will help with accidents and should be changed often until you can get kitty to a proper potty place.

Consider getting a cat harness and practice with it in case you must remove kitty from the car.
You may also want to get a kitty collar with ID tag.
My brother and I would not enjoy wearing either of these, however.

If a hotel stay is part of the plan, make sure you have a litter box, litter and scoop.
We would also enjoy having our own blanket, pillow and toys.
We are creatures of comfort after all!


If possible, plan ahead to find a pet friendly hotel.
Remember, most people shelters do not accept pets.

You should also bring our shot records in case you find the need to board your cat.
Sadly, kitty jail may be in our best interest while the humans figure stuff out.

Don't forget medication (if your pet requires it)
and of course food, clean bowls and bottled water will be needed.
Also.....Kitty will want and expect treats!


Our humans can not imagine the heart ache of feeling forced to leave us behind to perish in a storm.
Our hearts, prayers, and purrs go out to all those in need.

Rafe =^^=

Look for us in the Friday Ark
And on Sunday join us at the Carnival of Cats,
hosted this week at
The Conservative Cat

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