Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Apprentice

Wouldn't you know it.......my shows premiered during evacuation week!
I missed Martha Stewart, we had just gotten to Mom's and I forgot it was on.
I heard her firing line is something like....."You just don't fit in"
What a hoot.
Maybe I can catch her next week.

I did get to see The Donald.
I was a little disappointed that he did the boys vs girls thing again.
The task was to organize and run a one day fitness class, didn't look too hard.
The boys, though a little unorganized at first, did a fairly good job of getting along and won the task by only a few dollars. PM, Marcus seems a little flakey and I doubt he is long for this job interview. The Donald mentioned that he talks too much, and did he shut the hell up? Nope!
The girls on the other hand were a complete train wreck.
The flyers for the class looked like they were advertising a strip club, and they snapped back and forth at each other throughout the whole task.
Melissa got fired and to be honest I was surprised that the other girls had not bitch-slapped her by then.
What a mouth on this one, all attitude.

Note to apprentice candidates:
When you are in the boardroom, let Donald do the talking.
He could barely get to say "your fired".

Bu-Bye Melissa!

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