Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Rita continues her path toward the Island and the Mayor has called for voluntary evacuations starting now.
Most likely mandatory evacuations will start tommorrow.
I have not heard what the plan is for our neighborhood, but being only a few miles from the causeway, I'm assuming we will be required to leave as well. I do know the mandantory evac route goes in a direction opposite of where we wish to travel, so we will need to leave before that order is given for sure.
I'll keep in touch with everyone.

Update 1:
The noon tracking chart shows the storm coming in farther south, far enough we may not have to leave. *crossing fingers*

Update 2:
We've pretty much decided we will go ahead and leave.
Everyone has been released from work tommorrow, so there is no reason to hang around here. Hopefully we can come back Sunday or Monday.

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