Monday, September 26, 2005

We're Home!!

We left Uvalde at 3:30am yesterday with 15 one gallon gas cans...thanks Mom.
We had looked all over 3 towns for 5 gallon cans and all were sold out.
There was very little traffic but no gas to be found, we were glad to have that extra gas.
There was no electric when we arrived, but it came on about 3 hours later.
We heard someone down the street yell......YES!!!
The heat index was over 100 degrees.
People are returning now and taking down the boards off the windows.
The boys are glad to be home, but seem perplexed that the house is in such disarray.
All the outside stuff....chairs, swing, grill etc.....are still inside.
We emptied a lot of stuff out of closets and into plastic bags.
This might be a good time to organize closets....haha.
John went back to work today, and Chandra's job will call her back tommorrow or the next day.
We had very little damage, and our neighbors looked good too.
What a relief!

Our storage shed was knocked down, but John was able to put it back together.
Fantasic Plastic....haha.
We think the lawn mower is broken.
I hope it is, I hate that lawn mower since I have been having to use it.
I want a self propelled one anyways.

shed Update: The mower is fine....PHooey!

Part of the dock is still under water and some of the boards are flapping around under there.
At first we thought some were missing, but today I see they are there and can just be hammered back in place. It does't appear the water even got onto the top part of the deck or the yard at all. What a nice surprise.


Part of our next-door neighbor's tree fell and bent the fence.
That is on his side, so I'm sure he will take care of that.


All in All we are very happy to be home, heck..... we are happy to have a home.
After all.......there is no place like home.

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