Friday, September 23, 2005


We woke up early to find we had gone to sleep with the lights on and the TV still blaring Hurricane Rita coverage.
The Boyz wanted breakfast, then an hour later they wanted to be fed again.
Why the hell not, they are on vacation after all.
Rita appears to be heading north now, to Port Arthur/Beaumont.
That puts us on the "clean side" of the storm if there even IS a clean side in a storm this size.
However, if it swings down and hits at Surf Side Beach, we are back on the "dirty side".
There is already storm surge in Texas City.
I wonder if the water has risen in the canals yet?
I wish they would take those reporters and move them around a little.
One chick has been standing on the 61st Street Pier for 3 days!
A lot of people would like to know how the bayside communities are doing, after all many of us live waterfront, but not on the gulf side of the Island.
I guess if there are no waves lapping up behind the reporters, that is too boring to report from.
A couple of the forcasters are saying the storm could circle round and hit twice.
We've also heard it could travel right up I45 and affect DFW as a Cat2.
I am getting our insurance papers and things organized while we wait.
This sucks.

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