Tuesday, September 27, 2005

On the Island....

Well, I took a quick trip to Galveston in the hopes I could find food to buy.
Everything looks pretty good there, considering only a few days ago we were watching computer models of the entire Island going under Rita's massive storm surge.
Coming over the causeway, it was apparent there had been "some" wind damage.
There were some broken freeway signs and ripped up billboards, not a lot.
Coming onto 61st, more broken signs and lots of palm frons lying around.
A hotel on 61st and Central City lost it's roof, and Washington Park looks quite a mess with the fishing dock all wrecked and scattered.
Strange....I don't remember seeing either of those on CNN.
I resisted going down into the historical district, I DID see that on CNN.
None of the fast food places I saw are open, I'm assuming they have not yet received shipment of new food.
The hardest Rita hit thing that I saw today was Super Walmart.
Not, by wind but by the loss of power that forced them to throw tons of food in the dumpster.
The milk and bread had been restocked, but there were no eggs, yogurt, cheese or other dairy in the cases. Both the Deli and Seafood counter remained closed. The meat department was busily stocking hamburger and chicken breasts and many folks stood by to grab some of that fresh meat. The produce counter was lite, but not empty. What WAS empty was the jewelry counters. I suppose they had packed that away in the case of looting.
It was so weird seeing freezer after freezer after freezer of empty shelves.
What was even weirder was the number of people staring at those empty cases like food would magically appear.
It was kinda like when you are hungry and standing there stupidly with the fridge door wide open hoping you see something yummy.
I didn't check any of the other stores for food, so I don't know if they are still empty or not.
I got to thinking maybe I should not refill my freezer anyway and just buy weekly for awhile.
Yeah, like until December.

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