Monday, September 26, 2005

Rafe and Rhett say.......

We're home too!!


Graphic Gift from Wystful1...thanks!

The boys had a great time at Grandma's house!
The resident cat, Sampson went on vacation to the vet and was kind enough to let Rafe and Rhett visit to keep Grandma and Granny entertained in his absence.

Grandma has a screened in porch, with a great view for cats to enjoy.

Rafe enjoyed the evening breeze.

and Rhett had fun watching birds and catching bugs


Rafe found a chair he liked


Grandma bought Rhett a little scatching post, and in typical cat style,
he had more fun in the box it came in.

Going home was a little stressful, they both cried for 5 hours and only settled down about an hour from home.
I think they wanted to stay at Grandma's.
I don't think her or Granny would mind that at all.
Sampson may have a different opinion however.

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