Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Apprentice

Well what a case of de ja vue I have watching tonight's episode.
Didn't we do the Car Ad task like....last season?
Didn't the boys say.....whooHoo we got this on in the bag because we are boys like....last season?
Didn't the girls kick their last season???

All that aside, although the girls have some personality issues they really nailed the task.

The boys on the other hand, lead by PM Chris were not even bright enough to see what a disaster they had created. Could they not see the judges wince at the presentation? How painful.
In the boardroom, the entire team turns on Marcus. Now, Marcus is a flake but he was not given any responsibility and any idea he did have was shot down quickly by the boys club.

In the boardroom, The Donald pretty much told Chris what he needed to do to survive to the next round.
Trump pretty much said, yes Marcus is a disaster, but he did not lose the task.
Trump pretty much pointed out where the mistakes were made.
Trump pretty much said do NOT bring Marcus into the board room.
Did Chris listen?

Note to apprentice candidates:
If Donald bluntly tells you to not to do something, don't do it....Duh.


Bu-bye Chris

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