Thursday, September 22, 2005


We got evacuated OK.
We left at 10am and though our usual 5 hour drive took more than eight we were in much better shape than those poor souls who left the Island later in the day and got stuck in hours and hours of traffic. We brought all 3 cars and and filled them with clothes and things. I carried the cats with me and that was really fun. Rhett settled right down and took a long snooze, but Rafe decided to sing with the radio for the entire 8 hour drive. If you haven't heard a Siamese Cat singing to Jimmy Buffet you haven't lived.
When we arrived at Mom's they settled right in exploring and having fun. They love Grandma.
Today we face the daunting task of What if...what if we have no house after this. What if we have no jobs. Where can we go that will accept pets if we are looking at months of being homeless. The truth is if Rita stays on her path, we will not have a house. We just won't.

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