Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Have some Christmas Spirit, B*tch.

I was at the bank today and I needed to talk to customer service.
I am third in line. First in line has a question about her home loan, closing costs or whatever, and seems to be a little stressed.
The bank rep is on the phone for her.

Now....2nd in line is tapping her foot, clanking her keys, lets out a big sigh.
OOh, that gets on my nerves when people behave that way and I smile sweetly at her, grateful that I am no longer working in the mall and have to deal with her type every day.

"Do they only have ONE person working here?"
(She is speaking to me, but says it loud enough for all to hear)

"Most likely" I say, trying not to laugh out loud.
You see I had just spotted her purse and truly it is the ugliest purse I have ever seen.
It was shaped like a Santa hat, it even had puff balls hanging off.
How I wanted to say,
"Lady! How you gonna go around with a purse like that and not have any Christmas Spirit?"
Soon, it was her turn and she went on her b*tchy way.

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